Thursday, July 16, 2009

Job Satisfaction

Human beings strive to seek satisfaction in every aspect of their life. From satisfying their basic primal needs - hunger, thirst, rest and social interaction - the complex society today has its benchmark of goals and fulfillment that should be achieved by individuals. This set of goals and fulfillment includes securing a good job, preferably with a good pay and hopefully, with job satisfaction.

Why the wishful thinking in the latter part? Is it so hard to achieve job satisfaction? What is satisfaction anyway? Human beings are known for their nature of being hard to please. It is human nature to be inquisitive and curious.

The insatiable thirst for knowledge coupled with the incessant desire and craving for something new are factors which determine the never ending quest of humans striving for "satisfaction" in every aspect of their life. The ever changing and developing technology proves the never ending quest for satisfaction in life and the ever increasing number of people experiencing undue stress and problems denote an underlying sense of dissatisfaction.

There are many ways to seek satisfaction and different people opted for different ways to search for job satisfaction. There is a general rule of thumb - change your mindset and be realistic in your expectations. Try out these tips:

Embrace Changes
Accept the fact that things may change - people change and you may also change over time. Embrace changes and you will find that, you just might be a step closer to job satisfaction. Bear in mind that what brings you satisfaction today may not be so in the future. There is no one set rule of how to be satisfied with your job. There is also no fixed guideline on how to overcome challenges at work into a motivation for you to achieve job satisfaction.

Acknowledge Differences
For a gardener with eight mouths to feed at home, the meaning of job satisfaction may be to bring home his daily pay of RM15 and to ensure that his wife has the means to put the needed food on the table. For a top executive with a five-figure salary, job satisfaction is no longer a matter of daily survival - unlike the aforementioned gardener - it may be a matter of fulfilling his own personal goals and meeting other set objectives and aims of his organisation. With such a broad definition and interpretation of satisfaction, we are back to square one - How to achieve job satisfaction?

Can happiness bring you satisfaction? Yes, to a certain extent. Those who are wiser will say that satisfaction equates happiness and contentment. How to be happy then? "It is all in the mind" - a cliché which applies to almost everything in life - including in your quest for job satisfaction.