Thursday, January 21, 2010

‘Administrative secretary’ Not Administrative Assistants.

It's a bit mouthful, but that's the way they wanted it. Administrative assistants involved in secretarial duties in government departments do not want to be called office secretaries.

They instead want their job title changed to “administrative secretary,” said Cuepacs president Omar Osman in a media report.

The Star newspaper quoted Omar as saying taht he had been getting feedback from government servants objecting to a circular dated Dec 21 renaming the job title from administrative assistant (secretarial) to office.

“They are unhappy about the new job title,” Omar said after a briefing on the new office secretary and assistant office secretary scheme at Universiti Putra Malaysia here yesterday.

Omar also hoped that long-serving secretaries with SPM qualification would not be overlooked in the upgrading exercise, adding that the group made up about 55% of those involved in secretarial duties.