Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Job Alert makes you a winner

The recent Job Alert contest saw thirty winners, 10 each winning for three weeks, ending with the ultimate winner, Mellesa Lai Mia Yun, walking away with a Netbook. But for those who subscribe to Jobsdb Job Alert option are all winners themselves.

The subscribing members will have the job of their choice in their email as they open it every morning and what they see will get them thinking. Is that the job they want? Or even better, is it time to move on?

Or is that the wrong alert? Well, then you have to log in and check your preferences. Have you clicked on the right industry? What about your key words? Get the right one.

And wait for the mails to come. Job opportunities are aplenty with the government’s Economic Transformation Program initiatives itself will see creation of 36,595 jobs by 2020.

(From right) Susan Sia, Sales & Business Development manager representing JobsDB to give the Netbook to Mellesa Lai, the winner for Job Alert Subscription Contest