Friday, August 5, 2011

8TV channel Eyes On You - Eyes On JobsDB

Is Gen-Y known as a group of employees that tires bosses and managers because of their unpleasant working attitude?

Is Gen-Y is a group of more frequent job-hoppers compared to older generation?

Is Gen-Y has too much over-confident to request for high-pay without experience / skills and are contributing unrealistic ideas?

Well, there are too many stereotyped perceptions have placed into Gen-Y, but how true is it? Should we really look deep inside and analyse what the actual truth is?

8tv Eyes on You - JobsDB8TV has come to JobsDB to do an interview on how employers perceive Gen-Y as far as employment and hunting for jobs is concerned; and why Gen-Y has been reflected negatively. Let's discover more from Gen-Y and employers in this coming Sunday (7 August 2011), 12pm on 8TV channel Eyes On You (凡事两极话) programme. Stay tuned!

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