Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Job loyalty: not a priority

If you managed to catch our post last week, we spoke about how job hopping is costing employers a high price. Along with job hopping of course comes job loyalty—so just how loyal are you when it comes to your career? Via The Star Online, we discovered that not only do young workers find job loyalty a priority; apparently, they feel that they have every right to job hop!

Accountant Noor Habiba Sirajudeen said: “There is no such thing as loyalty. There is no point being loyal just for the sake of being loyal. I just want to progress in my career and will definitely grab a better offer if it comes along,” she said, adding that most parents were prepared to support their children through their job-hopping until they found the right one.”

Recruitment agencies have highlighted recently that the “safety net” provided by parents is the main cause behind the increasing job-hopping trend among youths.

“Recruitment consultant Geraldine Ashley David, 25, stressed, “The cost of living is so high and if there is an opportunity to earn more, of course one should grab it,” she said, adding that many also compared salaries with their peers and would start looking for other jobs if they felt they could earn more elsewhere.”

Via The Star Online