Friday, April 6, 2012

What happens when women earn more than men?

An interesting piece we picked up to read recently was Xandria Ooi’s article for her ‘Sights and sounds’ column in The Star—entitled ‘Taking the reins, financially’. She writes: “You want to be independent, but you don’t want to come across as too ‘take-charge’ as that might be perceived as domineering. You want to be assertive, yet you don’t want be aggressive, lest you be labelled unfeminine. You want to be successful in your career, but you don’t want to celebrate your achievements too loudly, just in case men find you too intimidating to date or marry.”

“What’s worse is that if you’re not independent, assertive and successful, you lack the allure that men of the 21st century seem to desire in a partner. “We like women we can have intellectual conversation with,” said Bryan, a successful businessman in his 50s, over dinner last week. His comrades around the dining table, equally successful in their own fields, nodded their agreeement thoughtfully.”

“The fact of the matter is, while our boyfriends and husbands are enraptured by our savvyness, wit and intellect, the desire fades rather quickly if we are more savvy, more witty and more intellectual than their male pride can handle. What is important to note is that while there are women who may feel the need to constantly prove to the world that the glass ceiling does not exist, there are also many who are pursuing ambitions and goals for personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement; not to prove a point. The security and confidence that comes with knowing we can support ourselves is deeply rewarding and highly pleasurable.”

Read the full article here and do share your views with us!

Via The Star Online