Monday, August 10, 2009

Better ICT than People

It's heartening to note that companies is doing a humane favour when cutting cost, but not letting the people go.

A media report quoted SMI Association of Malaysia as saying that small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) spending on the information communication technology (ICT) is expected to drop this year.

The organisation's ICT bureau chairman Lee Hwee Hsiung said ICT spending was expected to fall this year due to the current economic crisis; SMEs might choose to cut down their ICT spending as a way to reduce their operating cost.

“However, SMEs will continue to spend on ICT as they need it to enhance their business operation. They will do so in a more cautious way,” he told the Star newspaper.

The report also quoted him saying that the ICT spending was expected to grow gradually from next year onwards when the market started to pick up.

“ICT is important in enhancing companies’ operations but a lot of companies do not emphasise this area due to the capital problem as the prices of some ICT products are really high,” he said