Friday, August 7, 2009

More Pay They Stay

What more satisfying way to retain workers than increasing the wages. This was exactly the message from the Human Resources Ministry.

Its minister urged the industry players to do just that, mainly to retain the local workforce.

In a report by The Star newspaper, he said the reason why many Malaysians sought jobs outside the country was because of the low wages being offered.

“How can we expect people to want to work for eight hours for only RM500?” he was quoted in the reports today.

Dr Subramaniam said even with overtime payments, the monthly wages would come up to between RM800 and RM900.

“We have to understand that our workers have responsibilities such as a family to take care of and house and car loans to pay,” he said.

In the report, Dr Subramaniam said local industries should realise that the Government was trying to reduce the number of foreign workers and should help by paying fair wages.