Thursday, June 17, 2010

How To Overcome Procrastination

Does this sound familiar?

Each and every day you go into your office prepared to take on the tasks you have been or will be assigned. As the day goes by you find yourself looking for every possible excuse to do something other than work on some of the tasks. You have made a considerable effort to remain focused during the day however you cannot seem to fight procrastination. Are you the only one with this problem? What can you do to break this bad habit?”

You are certainly not alone in experiencing this; unfortunately for us all procrastination is something that everyone deals with. There is no way to completely eliminate it from our lives. If we build time into our schedules for procrastination we’ll be in a better position to handle it right off the bat. Here are some tips to overcome procrastination:

1. Work on tasks promptly
Complete task as soon as practical, while you know you have enough time to do it correctly.

2. Change negative thoughts
Do not agonize over tasks. Instead, think of the enjoyment and the relief in getting the job done.

3. Break large tasks down
Make tasks more manageable and work on “getting started”. Try just tackling five minutes of the project and you might find you’ve worked longer than planned.

4. Become Enthusiastic
Muster up the motivation and enthusiasm about the job or task. Talk to the right people and get you reenergized.