Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Resume Q&A: Making Contribution Statement

During the recent months, JobsDB Malaysia had the pleasure of conducting preliminary resume workshop (as opposed to full one conducted at our Jobseekers Advocate Centre) in few colleges in Klang Valley. Here are some of the popular Questions & Answers raised during those sessions, and we’d like to share them and our response to everyone.

Q: What is Contribution Statement?

We brought in the element called Contribution Statement, instead of the usual Career Objective. In these times of Knowledge Workers, an employee is beyond job definition. A unique contribution from job candidates should come from combinations of talent, passion, conscience and need. What can you bring to the organisation that is uniquely you, and would help fill in the gaps in the organisation, and perhaps even make it grow stronger.

Q: Do we need to make a Contributions Statement?

Here is a quote from the excellent book by Stephen R. Covey and Jennifer Colosimo called, Great Work Great Career:

“People who are only looking for job have resumes. People looking to make great careers, have Contribution Statement”.

It further notes, “ a great career comes down to making a great contribution, to making a difference that matters to you and to the people you serve. Envisioning, defining and designing your contribution statement is the first step on the path to a great career”.

Q: Is it against the norm, instead of Career Objectives, you put Contribution Statement?

Not at all. Career objective is about the resume writer, his or her aspirations, and ambitions. Employers looking to hire a good candidate are more interested on what the candidates can offer to the company using his or her passion in life, talents, skills, rather than what they want to do with themselves. Contribution Statement also helps the hiring folks to summarise your resume and get to know you better before even meeting you face to face.

So, it is okay to have Contribution Statement instead of Career Objectives. If you are not sure, you can have them both, it’s not wrong.

Q: Can we have some examples of Contribution Statement

“Because my high-risk students are likely to drop out of my school, I will call on my background as an actor….To make my classes as entertaining as possible in order to hold their interest” – A high school Teacher.

“Most software projects fail because of constantly shifting expectations, so I am going to borrow from my background in coaching rugby…to help my team maintain their commitment to a goal while continually adjusting their approach to changing circumstances,” – Project Manager.

“Since the company needs better content digitally, and more exposure through media, I shall use my experience as a writer for many publication and contribute more creative contents and use my experience in the media to get the company additional coverage,” – Online content editor.

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