Monday, July 11, 2011

Sales job and Psychology in Malaysia

Selling is not all about talking, persuading and garnering commitments. It goes beyond knocking the doors, getting appointments and convincing the potential customer till one runs out of saliva. This applies so, no matter where, whether it's sales job in Malaysia or elsewhere.

In the knowledge era, one should eradicate the nostalgic, but thoroughly reviled memory of door-to-door salesman whose qualification is that he's desperate for the job and can talk till the cow comes home.

Note that salesperson of the days of yore are referred to as "he". The job has become sophisticated and requires nuances of a chic personality that ladies are neck to neck in competition with the old school gentleman with feminine charm, female wit and womanly power of persuasion. Sales personnel doing the job in Malaysia are just that.

Sales job has come to a point where one needs more than a selling skill, or marketing ability to get the products or services paid for and used by clients. It's not surprising that the most successful have become a sort of a psychologist themselves.

"When you use psychological (techniques), you glide ever so smoothly over people's natural predispositions that it's practically effortless for you to generate sales," says Kevin Wilke Founder, This spells the greatest difference between the ethical form of mind control used in marketing, versus its evil stepbrother – the kind involving covert behavior modification techniques especially so for such jobs in Malaysia.

Wilke said the latter concept of "mind control” probably conjures up intrusive devices reminiscent of the "Manchurian Candidate," that coerce or manipulate people to do things against their will, or even introduce electrical impulses that affect the cerebral cortex and produce robotic behavior in human beings.  Needless to say, this is not the context of mind control that I am referring to – and neither is it the kind I would advocate nor promote in the field of sales.

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