Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why sell to one when you can sell to thousands?

Pssssst... Want to know the secret to quick sales success? You make your time count.

Sure there are time management sheets, activity sheets, goal setting sessions and electronic tools that help you make your time count, but they are boring. These tools don't excite you to sell more. Who wants to spend their time filling out activity sheets? The more exciting way to make your time count is...

To STOP selling just one to one. If you meet 5 customers a day for 366 days, never take a break, turn all your hair white and then end up losing your hair, you will get to meet 1825 customers a year. And by the time you get to customer 1825, you'll be crawling your way to your meeting, your customer will be so aghast with this ragged bald man trying to sell them something they will run for their lives.

What if you can sell to thousands instead of one to one? Meet more than 1825 customers in one fell swoop and do it once a month. This is a surefire way to become a legend in your industry, increasing your sales to the stratosphere. In case you’re interested, here are some tips to use the stage to your advantage.

Firstly use structure. Nothing's worse than a person with a mic rambling off anything that comes to his mind. Definite turn off and if you're a turn off in front of thousands, you are better off staying at home. Using structure is easy, at the most basic level, even for a speech 2 minutes long or 2 hours long. Have an introduction, point 1, point 2, point 3 and a close. A 2 minute speech will have less stories than a 2 hour long speech but the structure must still be evident. If you want people to remember what you say, then the speech must be structured so it can be stored efficiently in their brain.

Secondly evoke emotion. To do this, you can do it two ways, you can be yourself or you can be a very talented actress. If you're not a talented actress, then learn to be transparent, learn to be yourself and learn to stop being prohibitive on stage. If you sound boring on stage, then I can assure you, everyone else on the floor will be 10 times more bored. To do this it's simple, tell stories, lots of stories. Remember the time you were a kid, listening intently to a story your uncle was telling you? Even though we are adults, we are still the same. Stories put us into another world, stories paint a picture for us, stories makes us feel and understand the characters in the story you're telling. So, learn to tell stories.

Thirdly use your body and vocals. Variety is the spice of life and the same can be said about variety on stage. When you'e animated and you're varied, your audience becomes glued to you. There's a truth to be said about effective speaking being an entertainer first and a speaker second. So try to never use the rostrum if you can help it, try to vary your voice and try to move your body and be expressive with it.

If you use these 3 tips, you are well on your way to speaking effectively and selling effectively to a large crowd and like a wise man once said "wife one enough, audience one not enough".